How to improve Customer Experience in the Pharma sector

With 20 years’ experience in Human Factors, Usability and User Experience, Elisa del Galdo, has recently joined Blue Latitude, as our new Head of Customer Experience. Determined to help the pharmaceutical industry to improve the way they do customer experience, del Galdo comes with a wealth of experience and expertise in insights research, persuasive design, and product innovation.

At a time when marketing budgets are being slashed, access to healthcare professionals has diminished, and the evolution of the internet age has put unprecedented power in the hands of customers, Customer Experience expertise is necessary for the Pharma industry to address sector difficulties.

Marketing and User Experience

Excited to be working within the healthcare and Pharmaceutical sectors again, del Galdo hopes to be able to show Pharma marketers how the development of exceptional customer experiences will give them the chance to radically differentiate their brands from competitors. For del Galdo, Marketing and User Experience (UX) are complementary disciplines. In fact, she believes they should have a very collaborative relationship, since “marketing understands what people will buy, whilst UX adds to the pie”, identifying what people really want.

“Marketing is all about quantitative data, whilst UX doesn’t focus on analytics, but will use analytics to help identify what systems and services may be going wrong”, explains del Galdo. “The analytics acts like a thermometer, telling Marketers what their user is doing, but not why; whilst the analytics provides the clues as to where the problem lies. UX actually finds out what the real problem is and works out how to solve it”.

Pharma and Customer Experience

According to del Galdo, “Pharma need to be more realistic about what their customers want. Whilst the industry is constrained by legal regulations, marketers need to embrace what patients and healthcare practitioners want, and understand things from their perspective”. “You don’t know someone until you walk in their shoes”, reminds del Galdo, “Patients are telling us what they will never embrace, but Pharma doesn’t know how to incorporate this into a solution that meets both customer and business needs”.

For del Galdo, the real problem is that Pharma is not truly embracing the customer’s perspective. She believes that “Pharma needs to really understand customer needs and combine this with business goals to create a successful customer experience”. Rather than playing the ventroliquist, and stating the physicians’ or patients’ needs for them, it’s worth listening to what they’ve said, she points out.

In our latest guide, Elisa offers some advice on how Pharma marketers can improve Customer Experience for their brands. To download this guide, click here.

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