How to develop customer-centred, multichannel marketing for Pharma

Multichannel Marketing

Speaking to people in the industry and attending events over the past year, it’s been great to hear that so many Pharma marketers have been investing in multichannel marketing. However, when it comes to seeing success, it seems that campaigns aren’t really delivering the value expected.

So, how can you ensure that your multichannel activity creates real value for your brand? Our latest recorded webinar on customer-centric multichannel marketing will take you through the four principles we and our clients follow to engage with customers:

  1. Understand your customers’ needs and preferences
  2. Prioritise your customers’ needs and choose the most important to respond to
  3. Choose appropriate channels to reach your customers based on the need you’re addressing
  4. Make it easy for customers to engage with your content

Read on for more on the first two principles and download the webinar for insight and examples on how to apply all four.

Without customer insight, multichannel won’t work

We often find that the reason multichannel fails is because rather than addressing customers’ real needs, Pharma marketers appear to be addressing the needs that they think should be important for their customers. This is never going to work – it is absolutely crucial that your customers’ needs are known, understood and then action taken to address them. Over the past year alone, we’ve conducted over 300 interviews with healthcare stakeholders, including physicians, nurses, and specialists; we really understand how Pharma’s different customer groups view multichannel. We’ve seen how their behaviour changes according to therapy area, disease stage, channel, context, and device.

Your business needs must then be balanced with those of your customers, which will lead to real brand engagement. Channel ROI, effective messaging, and FTE reduction are all important to you as a Pharma marketer. However, to really engage your customers effectively, you need to address their informational needs too. Unless you understand the world from their perspective, the chances are slim that you’ll succeed.

Brutal prioritisation is the key to success

We are all living in an increasingly complex world, with a huge number of easy to access resources available to us and an array of channels and screens to source information on, which has led to us as customers becoming more demanding in nature. Healthcare stakeholders live in this on-demand world too, which provides them with masses of choice in terms of channels to find resources on, devices to use, and digital networks to connect to.

Healthcare stakeholders live in an on-demand world

Cutting through this plethora of noise to get your message across, and meeting the expectations of an increasingly demanding audience, who are now in control of the brand relationship, is tough.

The key is to make sure that you don’t spread your scarce budget and resources too thinly. Prioritising your customers’ needs and focusing your creativity and marketing efforts on the highest priority area for them, where your brand is likely to have maximum impact will boost campaign engagement.

Customer-centricity will lead to brand value

It’s clear to see that without clear insight into what drives your target customers’ behaviour at all points on their informational journey, you won’t be able to do multichannel effectively and achieve the engagement that you need to help your brand succeed against competitors. Customer research is needed to help define behaviour drivers, identify your customer’s high priority needs, and also where your business is likely to have most impact along their informational journey. Our approach to multichannel is highly customer-centric, and by tipping the balance a little more in favour of the customer’s agenda, rather than your own, you’ll see a positive effect on your bottom line.

For more detail on these multichannel marketing principles, please download our recorded webinar, Customer-centred multichannel marketing led by Fred Bassett, Head of Strategy & Co-founder of Blue Latitude. He takes you through case studies and actionable tips to help you start planning more customer-centric multichannel marketing right away.

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