How to find the ROI in multichannel marketing

How to find the ROI in multichannel marketing

Back in May we wrote the blog post ‘Top 10 things to consider when planning a multichannel campaign‘; we covered the full planning aspect of the multichannel campaign; from the need to respond to overall business and campaign objectives to the all-important customer-centric approach. Sound familiar? A key aspect that we didn’t divulge was how […]

How to create a holistic view of your customers’ experience

Create a holistic view of your customers' experience

After years of “product-centricity” pharmaceutical companies have realised it is time to shift focus to customer experience; providing customers with what they want, how they want it, and when they want it. But how do you create a truly holistic view of your customers’ experience?

How to make private content available in search engines

Increasing reliance on digital channels by HCPs

One of the challenges with pharma content marketing is how to increase the “indexability” of a web page, whilst adhering to the strict regulations we’re often bound by. With a pharmaceutical website, content can be made available via three levels of authentication…

How do you change your customers’ motivation and behaviour?

How do you change your customer’s motivation and behaviour?

Many of clients ask us how they can effectively educate and inform their customers to influence their customers’ decision-making process. The truth is, you cannot force someone to change their mindset, but you can prompt behaviour change, which results in better outcomes for their care, wellbeing and treatment.

Top 10 things to consider when planning a multichannel campaign

How can you better measure the effectiveness of your multichannel campaigns?

When creating a multichannel approach to connect with your audience, what 10 things should you consider in order to maximise on engagement and help build lasting customer relationships?

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