The elephant in the room


Mette discusses her experience of living with a type-1 diabetes patient; and how, as carer, she discovered her place within the patient journey. This is her personal story about why she believe that empowered carers can contribute greatly to patients’ quality of life.

How patient outcomes influenced FMCG’s entry into the healthcare market

How the focus on patient outcomes has allowed FMCG to enter into healthcare market

An increase in ability to measure real-world patient outcomes based on data from patient registries, strengthens the position of the payer when negotiating reimbursement contracts with pharma companies.

Top 7 Trends in Pharma Marketing for 2015

2014 or 2015, opposite signs

Toward the end of 2014 the Blue Latitude team gathered together for breakfast in the boardroom to discuss how pharma marketing will change in the year ahead and what trends will be big in pharma marketing during 2015.   In 2013 we expected to see pharma companies shift their focus from just product and service […]

A day in the life of… a Digital Content Manager


Have you ever wondered what it is like to work at Blue Latitude? We sat down with our Digital Content Manager, Selina Wragg, to find out more about what a typical day is like for a Digital Content Manager at Blue Latitude:   What time do you wake up usually? The alarm usually sounds at around 7:00am, which […]

Step into my Virtual Reality

Google Cardboard

This week, a group of us left the Blue Latitude office to go hang out with We Are Formation, an East London based production studio who specialise in Film and CG for digital, print and TV; so we could learn more about how Virtual Reality is fast becoming a part of our actual reality, especially where storytelling is concerned. When […]

Top 10 Reasons why Blue Latitude is a great place to work

Churchill War Rooms

In our lifetime we will spend (on average) 99117 hours at work; that’s the same as 12390 8-hour working days, or 2478 working weeks, which works out at around 47 years of our life spent at work. This is why it’s essential to your well-being to love the job you do and work with people who inspire you. With so […]

Hold That Moment: The Magic of Qualitative Research


We all like collecting things. After many years as a qualitative research moderator, I am the proud owner of ‘collector moments’. Qualitative interviews and focus groups are designed to tease out customers’ beliefs, attitudes and motivations that underpin their behaviours. So as to achieve this, qualitative researchers strive to make respondents comfortable and to engage […]