Say hello to our new senior level hires!

New Hires 2015 photo Blue Latitude

Here at Blue Latitude, we’ve had a pretty exciting year. Compared to this same time last year, we’ve grown by 15 team members, which is a 30% increase in our total number of employees! And in 2015 alone, we’ve hired 11 people. (Well done, Talent team!)

Because we’ve grown so much in the last year, we’d like to introduce some of our newer senior level staff members.

Hiring at Blue Latitude: What do we look for?


I recently interviewed Senior Consultant Craig Moore and Senior Customer Experience Consultant Peter Timmer about what it’s like to work at Blue Latitude, and something that became clear in the course of those conversations was that there is definitely a ‘Blue Latitude Person’. When it comes to how we hire here, there are a number of things we look for in addition to certain experience and academic backgrounds.

With that in mind, I spoke to some of the people in our client-facing functions, who run the interviews themselves – directors, team leads, and heads of capabilities. I asked them to define what they look for in new hires, and what a Blue Latitude Person should be like.

Blue Latitude takes on the London Triathlon for Macmillan Cancer Support


Blue Latitude is a healthcare and pharmaceutical strategic marketing consultancy, and part of our day-to-day work involves working closely with oncology healthcare professionals and patients to understand their experiences. Because we care so deeply about the work Macmillan do, Blue Latitude has formed a London Triathlon team that will participate this Saturday, 8th August.

Joining Blue Latitude – what it’s like to go from career freelancer to permanent employee


Peter Timmer is a Senior Customer Experience Consultant at Blue Latitude. His focus is on making sure customers can find the information they need easily, and that the content layout is clear and supports customers in the tasks they undertake. He joined Blue Latitude as a permanent member of staff in 2014 after 13 years as a freelance consultant across a variety of industries, so he has a unique perspective on what makes Blue Latitude an engaging place to work.

How to nail pre-launch positioning in Pharma


Marketing strategy is core to what we do at Blue Latitude, and we’ve been increasingly involved in launching pharma products across various therapy areas. Recently, we’ve worked across multiple brands in oncology on launch and pre-launch strategy, which raises a unique set of challenges in a competitive and highly regulated market. Matt Bolton, Head of Commercial, takes us through the three key points to keep in mind when developing a pharmaceutical pre-launch positioning strategy.

From Associate to Senior Consultant – what it’s like to work at Blue Latitude for 5 years

Blue Latitude Office Entrance

Craig is a Senior Consultant on the Strategy & Planning team as well as a Development Manager, and he’s celebrating five years with the company this summer. Liz, our Content Marketing Manager, sat down to interview him on what it was like to grow with the company from an Associate Consultant in 2010 to a Senior Consultant today.

Innovating with what you have: better healthcare with old tech

yellow wall with three pay phone boxes

The healthcare industry has traditionally been slow to adopt new technologies. This may be due to patient ability or an industry aversion to early adoption, but there is another, often overlooked option available: using existing, established technology to improve patient outcomes through innovative services. Account Executive Will Taylor talks us through a case study in applying established technology to healthcare problems in an innovative way.

The ‘digital health revolution’ is here: what Pharma needs to know

Image of man wearing every wearable technology on wrists and belt

Simon takes us through some of the key themes of the Financial Times Digital Health Summit in London, outlining and expanding on where we feel the industry is heading as we get closer to the ‘digital health revolution’.